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Concrete Blocked Pipes

Concrete Blocked Pipes is a very very common issues in all parts of the world. New builds and renovations of apartment complexes this is especially apparent. One of the most common blockages where Croc Crete can be used in a balcony floor waste which is a stormwater pipe. These pipes are often overlooked and not as much care is taken during their installation and when the flooring is installed.

Outside balconies when tiled can usually have the bedding, floor leveller and or grouts washed down them by tradespeople and during the hand-over these are not properly tested.

A recent job completed in Queensland Australia was 7 x balcony floor wates all of which had bedding, grout and concrete in them and were fully blocked.

When arriving and during the CCTV it was obvious to see what the problem was for the owner why no water was going down there floor wastes. The water was removed using a wet-vac then the product Croc Crete was poored down the floor wastes and let sit overnight for up to 24 hours. The Croc Crete product worked its magic and softened the blockages allowing for a spring rod to be used to check the solid had been turned to mush and then using a wet-vac to removed the softened blockage.

With out the use of Croc Crete demolition would of been required to excavate down to re-plumb the balcony floor wastes which was not a solution.

Croc Crete is a fantastic solution for concrete, grout, floor leveller and other cement based products that have caused drainage blockages.

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