Croc Crete Easily clear blocked pipes using Croc Crete Professional Concrete Dissolver. Works on bedding, grouts, floor leveller, mortar and cement products SEE PRICING PLAY VIDEO Croc Crete Croc Crete for Concrete CONCRETE DISSOLVER. Easily Clear Blocked Pipes. PURCHASE NOW PLAY VIDEO Croc Crete Croc Crete Croc Crete Croc Crete Concrete Dissolver Easily clears and removes Concrete, Mortar, Tile Grout, and Floor Leveller. PURCHASE NOW PLAY VIDEO Croc Crete Croc Crete Croc Crete

Let's explain the product

Easily clear pipes blocked with un-wanted Concrete, Mortar, Tilers Grout and Floor Levelling Compound. Croc-Crete can be used for Concrete Clearing From Drains, Sewer, Stormwater and other Pipelines.
Croc Crete
Croc Crete

Breaks Down Concrete

Commercial Concrete Dissolver that will soften and break down concrete blockages.

Safe On Pipes and You

Croc Crete is safe to handle and use on PVC, Clay, Steel, Copper, Cast Iron, Gal and other common pipe types.

Cement Based Products

Croc Crete works on Concrete, Mortar, Grout, Bedding, Floor Leveller and portland cement based products.

Floor Traps and Gully

Easily clear blocked floor wastes and gullys from grout, bedding, floor levelling compounds, mortar, cement, concrete.
Croc Crete

How to use Croc Crete

1) Remove water and waste from pipe.
2) Apply Croc Crete solution, making sure the blockage is covered and the Croc Crete liquid is in contact with the blockage.
3) Let sit for minimum 24 hours. The Croc liquid will do its work on the blockage and turn blockage into a green sludge.
4) Flush or wet-vac waste from gully.

Which Croc Crete to Use?

Croc Crete Ultra best for Floor Levellers & Grouts.

Croc Crete Standard is best for Concrete, mortar, bedding and all other portland cement products.

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